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Specialty of the house: Velebit Aromatherapy

The Alan Hotel Wellness & Spa Centre introduces its guests to the world of various facial treatments as well as body treatments.
We would like to draw your attention to our “House specialty” treatment: Velebit Aromatherapy that fills you with a sense of well-being by using the natural scent of plants, but also through a range of products and techniques that preserve well-being and health in the Velebit –Mediterranean way.

The ritual includes:
  • Mt. Velebit bath with essential oils (thyme, peppermint, fir and sage) which give it a stimulating effect by raising your spirits and improving your immunity;
  • Mt. Velebit peeling consisting of a special mix of St John’s Wort, calendula and thyme oils which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, also reducing tiredness and improving concentration;
  • Mt. Velebit massage which brings together the healing effects of a medicinal back massage and the anti-cellulite effect of lymphatic drainage on the legs.


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